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We believe technology should be affordable and effective for all , hence we have set ourselves as pioneers in helping young Start-ups and SMEs.No more technological hurdles, we convert them to stepping stones. With more than a decade experience in start-up environment, we would love to share our views and experience with you while we design, create or develop your dream company.

B2B website development

Business to business (B2B) Portal is the perfect platform of adding fuel to the momentum of expanding online business and promotion to every nook and corner of the globe. A web portal provides an e commerce platform to the businesses to expose their brand to the world utilizing most out of the Internet.

Benefits of B2B portal development Services:

  • Increases Revenue
    • Cost Savings
    • Reduce Marketing Cost
    • Increase Productivity
    • Improves Customer Service
    • Click the Colossal Button –

      tentronix NZ is a leading B2B website development services provider, offering you a framework to interact with target audience and convert them onto potential clients. We are supported by advanced resources, unmatched technical skills and great expertise to propose B2B website development solutions as per client’s budget and business requisites. Right from the business transactions to marketing, we have everything for everyone to accomplish B2B e-commerce requirements.

      Our Expertise to Support B2B website development Services Include:

      • Selling products online through dynamic and interactive portal design.
      • Online transactions and secure payment options.
      • Optimized billing protocols with enhanced user experience.
      • Rationalized monitoring, tracking, and logging of customer transactions.
      • Capturing feedbacks from the users for portal enhancement.
      • An absolute end-to-end online solution to boost promotion rate and to increase business productivity.

      Hospital website development

      Effectively communicating with your patients, community members, staff and others is indispensable in the medical domain. ‘Tentronix NZ’ offers innovative web development services for medical professionals. We are specialized in Hospital website development, Programming, Hosting & Internet Marketing. It is extremely important for agencies such as hospitals, healthcare agencies, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare related organizations to provide up-to-date information at precisely the time it is looked for. We can help you perform just that by making hospital web portals graphically appealing, technically correct, intuitively user-friendly and easily updateable. We work closely with you to incorporate your traditional marketing strategies with todays technologies to help you develop strong customer rapports.Each web portal we develop is custom-made as per your requirements. We create a distinctive and professional presentation which combines essential details about your practice with helpful information on the treatments and procedures that you propose to your patients.

      Why Choose tentronix NZ for Hospital website development?
      • Quality Assured Hospital website development.
      • Quantity Assurance.
      • Punctuality.
      • Dependability.
      • Accessibility.

      Travel website development

      What is a Travel Portal? How does it work, and generates business via Internet channel? Well... a travel portal provides online booking facilities to end users or customers visiting the website. Exclusive travel destination holiday packages are also provided which helps travellers to pick an appropriate package as per their requirements. The package section is exclusive and can be grouped into separate user segment.

      Travel Portal includes the following significant features for its customers:

      • Air ticket booking, Hotel booking for both domestic and international airlines.
      • Bus Booking allows a traveller to book Bus from one location to the other destination location countrywide.
      • Car Booking engine helps a traveller to book a car rental to his desired location.
      • Charter plane booking.
      • Get information about hotels in destination city.

      Are you planning to set up an e-business in travel industry? Surely, you have turned up the right page!!

      If you are planning to set up your own e-business in travel & tourism industry and wish to develop an impressive travel portal, tentronix NZ is the name to reply on. Our team of experienced professionals design and develop innovative and cost-effective travel portals that have an attractive and user-friendly graphical UI. We provide construction for all the facets of B2B & B2C travel website development and travel API integration for hotel booking, air booking, bus booking, travel packages and insurance. We make your portal as easy-to-navigate, and simultaneously, as captivating as it can be for your happy customers to return and visit your site over and over, looking for more information.

      A Host of Attractions –

      • Single-point integration with a broad list of online travel solutions.
      • Travel website solutions within your budget.
      • Integration of automated system with online bookings, cancellations, payments, and other amendments.
      • Enhanced usability with highly customizable interface and smooth navigation.
      • Well-matched with your existing systems.
      • Improved content management to tap into content showcased on your travel & tourism site.
      ‘Tentronix NZ’designs your e-business presence by building an imaginative, purposeful, engaging and resourceful travel portal that will fetch you tons of business online!!

B2C website development

Business to Consumer (B2C) stands for the sale of finished products from businesses to the end-users (consumers). B2C is a dais that also comprises information search and online shopping of products etc., through the channel of the internet. These days, an increasing number of people are heading towards shopping online and thus, B2C portals are speeding up in the battle.

Features of B2C Portal –

  • Very much customizable design.
  • Customizable Shopping Carts.
  • Easy to manage.
  • Effortless integration with CMS.
  • Simple catalog administration.

Is it B2C website development that you looking for? Then, definitely you have reached the right page!!

Tentronix NZ is a premier B2C website development company offering a range of website development, e-commerce, e-business and build personalized support and integrated e-business hub which imparts both local and global reach-out. Our team of experts develop B2C portal designs with proven track record and tons of experience to corroborate their aptitude. We furnish unsurpassed quality, cost-effective solutions even with the most complicated B2C portal developments. .

Our B2C website development Services:

  • B2C Web Portal Design and Development.
  • Custom B2C portal development.
  • B2C Application Development.
  • B2C Website Development.
  • Ecommerce Shopping Portal.
  • eMarketplace Website Development.
  • Existing portal redesigning and development.
  • B2C Portal Maintenance.
  • We always keep track of your customers’ likings, and ensue strategically to engage your business with the targeted audience. And this is the utmost vital element during the development of a B2C website and web portal.

Hotel website development

There is no second thought to the idea of internet ruling our lives. The Gen-X today considers aching their fingers over doing the legwork. Laptops, iPads, tablets, and other such gadgets are the fresh way of living the high-tech lives. Right from banking to shopping, from food ordering to flight reservation – everything is carried out online. In this era of Internet, it is a must for the hotel owners too, that they get an online face as soon as possible as it is the best and probably the only way to market and get customers lured towards your hotel. Prior to the Internet, travelers could write, telephone the hotel directly, or use a travel agent to make a reservation. These days, online travel agents have pictures of hotels and the rooms, information on prices and daily deals, and even information on local resorts. Online hotel reservations are quite beneficial for making last minute travel arrangements.

A perfect Hotel Portal must have –

  • A quick glance at the hotel including pictures of the rooms under different categories.
  • Provision for online booking.
  • Services provided must be mentioned clearly.
  • Rent for rooms under different categories.
  • ‘How to reach’ guide with area map together with landmarks.
  • eRestaurant and dining menu.
  • Star ratings.
  • ‘Tentronix NZ’ is a premier hotel website development organisation, designing and developing eye-catching and overwhelming interfaces for hotel booking sites. Our team is packed with the best ideas, advanced development knowledge, optimum strategies and much more to develop a spectacular portal as per your requirements.

    Real Estate website development

    Real Estate industry has become one of the fastest developing industries globally, and people across the globe are using the Internet to find every single thing on the planet – be it the latest gadget, electronic items, designer outfits, furniture, or even a face cream; everything can be found just at a couple of clicks. The same is turning up with real estate industry as well. People search for real estate agents, brokers, agencies, builders, and property like homes and condos, and many other things that are allied to Real Estate industry as per their requirements.

    For Building Effective Real Estate Portal!!

    Well... if you are in real estate business and wish to design a web portal,‘Tentronix NZ’ will help you design and develop an impressive real estate portal as per your business requirements. ‘Tentronix NZ’ real estate website development provides you an absolute solution, offering all types of realty portal like complete listing portal, Agency and B2B portals, map based portals, and Portals for luxury real estate, Single agency Real estate Portals, Deal based portals and other innovative portals. No matter what are your requirements, we are capable to furnish stupendous real estate solutions. Some of the major features of our real estate portal include:

    • Cost effective approach to broadcast and list your property.
    • People can look for property by locations, size, types, and price from the comfort of their domicile.
    • Perfect way out for all your property selling and buying needs.
    • People can buy, sell, or list their property within a couple of clicks.
    Our creative crew has years of experience in building impressive real estate portals, and they work closely with the clients and provide them unbeaten strategies to construct accessible and easy-to-use websites. We build superlative real estate portals, keeping everything local as per your market preferences and prerequisites of targeted market.

Enterprise website development

The ever-changing information technologies incessantly bring new opportunities for enterprises to streamline operations, expand inter-business communications, optimize costs and thus get considerable advantages. An enterprise portal allows both the internal and external clients with modified and incorporated web solution.

Yes, tentronix NZ is just the name to rely on, when it comes to Enterprise portal development –

Tentronix NZ, is the leader in portal services, no matter if it is designing, developing or hosting to campaign for B2B, B2C portals. Our team of experts lets you develop enterprise portals that come together with appropriate content distribution, full collaboration, channelled information access and a comprehensive workflow management.We deliver end-to-end Enterprise portal development solutions embracing the most up-to-date technologies and business trends –

  • Content Distribution Portals (Media and Digital Docs).
  • Enterprise Information Portals.
  • Business Intelligence Portals.
  • B2C and B2B E-commerce Portals.
  • EcomKnowledge Management Portalsmerce Shopping Portal.
  • Application Portals.
  • Social Communities.
  • Social Networks.
  • Other Web Services Portals....
  • So, turn up to tentronix NZ, our expert enterprise portal developers will serve you with the best of the services!!.

Job website development

In this era of Internet, Job portals are possibly the second most visited websites after search engines. A job portal acts as a dais for both – the employers and the job seekers, where the employers can post their jobs and job seekers can apply to the same as per their eligibility. A great number of students seek out jobs through websites instead of probing the Newspapers and Employment agencies. Therefore, an increasing number of companies are developing and maintaining their job portals so as to provide suitable jobs to job seekers and right candidates to employers. Well... you surely need a job portal if you are highly enthusiastic to set up a recruitment or consultancy firm. With less of manual work, and extremely powerful and unconventional features in your job portal, you will be able to run your business fruitfully. tentronix NZ can help you design and develop a job portal that will mould your path to success through an online platform for employers and job seekers. We provide the latest facilities such as secure gateway incorporation for online transactions and payments processing by using a horde of latest modes of payment like PayPal, with which, you can easily edit payments options along with discrete elements of the website such as emails, layouts, and registration options.

Multitude of Features Offered by tentronix NZ –

  • Security.
  • Search keyword section.
  • Employer section.
  • Plans for employers related to Job posting .
  • Tracking of right candidates.
  • Plans and Recruitment choices for job seekers .
  • and many more features...
  • Ours is a promising job website development organisation with years of experience and a remarkable track record of developing abundant job portals and websites.

    Matrimonial website development

    Gone is the era when a family priest would arrange a perfect match for a prospective bride or groom. Now, people don’t even rely on matrimonial classified columns of newspapers. Today, marriages are literally made online. In this era of Internet, buzz of online matrimonial sites has really captivated the Gen-X grooms & brides, who prefer to meet their would-be partners online before meeting each other in person. A matrimonial portal not only helps users to meet their perfect soul mate, but also provides an opportunity to the website owner to earn a good amount of income through these portal activities.

    Is it match making website development are you looking for? Then, you have turned the right page.

    If you are thinking to start your own matrimonial portal, then surely tentronix NZ is just the name. We are the leading website development company, offering you a framework to build your own matrimonial website.Ours is the company with the best ever growing web solutions that are in a great demand today. We provide you with perfect web solutions, and the best part is the price that we quote for the projects – very much within your budget.

    Major Features –

    • Easy-to-navigate interface.
    • Jam-packed privacy.
    • User-friendly designs.
    • Multiple payment options.
    • Live-Chat integration.
    • Excellent security.
    • Stuffed with startling features.
    • Solutions within your reach.
    • Nil impact on budget.
    A core team of web development experts work relentlessly to develop customized matrimonial websites after analysing client requirements and current market trends. Contact us and launch your matrimonial portal today!!

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We believe technology should be affordable and effective for all , hence we have set ourselves as pioneers in helping young Start-ups and SMEs.No more technological hurdles, we convert them to stepping stones.


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