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We believe technology should be affordable and effective for all , hence we have set ourselves as pioneers in helping young Start-ups and SMEs.No more technological hurdles, we convert them to stepping stones. With more than a decade experience in start-up environment, we would love to share our views and experience with you while we design, create or develop your dream company.

Axis Commerce

Axis Commerce is certainly a spectacular E-commerce solution that helps to create a professional, functional online store. It’s an open source CMS which means it is constantly updated to manage bugs and fixes, and unlike other online shopping solutions Axis Commerce is rather safe and secure. It is responsive and you can redesign and improve your store without any hassles. There are hordes of features and unctionality with a selection of designs and templates and eventually growth & expansion. It can also support custom module development. Here, you can incorporate SEO and get an enhancement in search engines without much endeavour.As a professional and experienced Axis Commerce Development Company, Tentronix NZ always provide the most excellent Axis Commerce Development Service to our global clientele.Every eCommerce site wants to sell, but only a small number are successful. At Tentronix NZ, we are committed to delivering such E-commerce solutions that will draw traffic, bring in loyal customers and boost up sales & profit. The entire team of developers have a top level of experience in designing and developing effective web stores. Thus, we very well know what to do and what not to.

Why Tentronix NZ for Axis Commerce Development?

  • We provide custom made Axis Commerce website development at a competitive price.
    • We deliver websites in proportion to our clients' requirements consisting custom product and categories layout, shopping cart design, templates, themes, payment gateways and the like.
    • We perform thorough analysis of our client’s business and its stores’ requirements before beginning to construct a web store.
    • Our team of professional graphic designers and developers will help you have impressive websites for your business.
    • Passionate Axis Commerce Developers are available over the Phone or Email and IM.
    • Technical expertise in multiple technologies

    osCommerce Website Development

    OsCommerce is an open source platform offering a wide range of features to run a successful e-commerce store. It is based on the powerful PHP web scripting language, the steady Apache web server, and the fast MySQL database server. OsCommerce is regarded as a highly recommended solution that is ideal for personalizing shopping carts.

    Why OsCommerce Website Development?

    • Shipping functionality .
    • Payment method is totally secured by SSL.
    • Lets you maintain your orders and shipping info, search products, track history, and navigate the entire web store.
    • You can customize your product panel through administrative panel.
    • Flexible with lots of additional features and functionality.

    ‘Tentronix NZ’ is a recognized eCommerce website development company, specializes in offering world-class offshore OsCommerce development services to its global clientele over the years. Our team of OsCommerce development houses some of the most creative and logical OsCommerce developers who have built hundreds of custom OsCommerce online stores, shopping carts and applications. At Tentronix NZ, we have industry best coding standards and client-centric approach in order to deliver OsCommerce solutions that fulfil the diverse requirements of our clients in a cost-competitive way.

    Our OsCommerce services include:

    • Installation and Hosting Services.
    • Custom OsCommerce Development.
    • Shopping Cart Development.
    • Custom Module Development.
    • Store Design & Development.
    • Search Engine Optimization for OsCommerce.
    • Payment Gateway Integration.
    • Enhancement, migration and maintenance of existing OsCommerce website or online stores.
    With these and many more such services, Tentronix NZ, an absolute Website Development Company outshines in maintaining the global clientele and delivering them brilliant web store development services according to their business requirements. Get in touch with us now!!

Magento Website Development

Magento E-Commerce platform, today, influences thousands of online shops on the digital podium. It is extensively recognized for its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and advanced features. Magento is indeed, a versatile E-Commerce solution allowing online merchants to construct next-generation web-based shops with full focus on design & usability. We, at Tentronix NZ, offer holistic E-Commerce solutions through Magento and pose as a trustworthy Magento website development organisation. Whether it is constructing a B2B online store or B2C shopping cart based site, our Magento team has deep-embedded know-how in building all types of virtual stores.

Features to Look for –

We instigate a lot of unconventional features while developing a Magento site:

  • Incorporating online shopping.
  • Comprehensive product display.
  • Numerous transaction options.
  • Mobile templates.
  • Shopping cart.
  • Multi websites functionality.
  • Filters.
  • Integration with ERP systems such as MS Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, Dydacomp Mail Order Manager and more.
  • Performance enrichment features and scalability.
  • Functional integration as per clients’ specific requirements.
  • Integration options for flights and courier .

What makes clients work with us?

  • 100% lightweight & table-less design with CSS/HTML/DIV compliance.
  • W3C Validation, full functionality, and totally hand-coded mark-up.
  • SEO optimized semantic code to attain topmost rankings in popular search engines.
  • Cross-browser compatible that suits multiple OSs.
  • User-friendly interface and pixel-perfect Magento theme .

ZenCart Website Development

If you are on the lookout for ZenCart website development services, then this is the place where your search puts a stop to. At Tentronix NZ, we offer the most professional and dependable ZenCart website development services. We have always got an irresistible response from our clients when it comes to our ZenCart services because we have a team of veteran developers who have been in the field of ZenCart development services for more than eight years. Plus we have worked with several different countries and are the number is still mounting. Now, it’s your turn to connect with us and catch a hike in the market.

Let us get introduced to ZenCart:

Zen Cart is a web approach intended for the management of web stores and is the best tool for constructing an online shopping cart. It is PHP-based development and for the storage of database it utilizes MySQL. ZenCart is shopping cart software and is open source. Among other podiums, ZenCart is the most lucrative because it is easy to access and brings heaps of additional features.

Why should you prefer ZenCart for your business?

There are numerous features that ZenCart offers you, some of them are:

  • easy and user-friendly installation.
  • multiple shipping choices.
  • management of newsletter and system of product notification.
  • Supports multiple languages .
  • Highly customizable with features such as Easy populate, Slimbox and COWOA.
  • support in multiple currencies.
  • configuration of the low order fees, for the idea of audit trial email archiving is supported,
  • the management of coupons by the customers as well as administrators.
  • Integration of multiple templates and plug-ins to give a wonderful online experience.
  • Provides you option to display products with or without specific prices, magnetizing clients through sales, discounts and other attractive promotions.

Why Tentronix NZ for ZenCart Website Development Services?

We offer a horde of services for ZenCart applications and developments, some of them are –

  • Installation.
  • E-Commerce Customization.
  • Website development.
  • Online shopping cart development.
  • ZenCart site maintenance.
  • Payment Module integration.
  • Shopping cart solutions.
  • With these and many more such services, Tentronix NZ, a ZenCart Website Development Company outshines in maintaining the global clientele and delivering them ZenCart Development services as per their business requirements.

Open Cart Website Development

OpenCart is an open source Internet shopping cart, based on PHP. It is an effective ecommerce shopping cart solution for web merchants. This effective as well as functional shopping cart solution helps you in building a quick and simple online store for trading your goods or services in a quick and graceful approach. It is easily accessible, feature rich, search engine friendly and has a visually enthralling interface. It’s a perfect online store solution that contains both a catalogue as front-end and an administration tool as backend, which is very easy to set up on web. OpenCart shopping cart application is filled with amazing features, which are essential to create a flourishing online web store.

Prominent OpenCart Features –

  • Multiple Payment Gateways.
  • Multi-Language.
  • Multiple Stores.
  • Product Reviews.
  • Product Ratings.
  • Downloadable Products.
  • Automatic image resizing.
  • Data Import.
  • Unlimited Categories, Products, Manufacturers.
  • Multi-Currency.
  • Multiple Tax Rates.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Discount Coupon System.
  • Sales Reports.
  • Error Logging.
  • Additional Search Modes.
  • and many more using bespoke functionality.
Yes, you knocked the right gate!!

At Tentronix NZ, we provide the hand-picked OpenCart site development services and OpenCart integration. We offer easier, faster, scalable and cost-effective OpenCart solutions. Our specialised team of veteran OpenCart developers helps you in development of an OpenCart solution that meets your business requirements. The entire team work collectively on a particular project and ensure that all the required features are accurately integrated and tested so that our client’s business can run efficiently without any glitches. We also develop and incorporate additional features as OpenCart add-ons and deliver customized templates. We also provide further support afterwards for upgrades, maintenance, and add-ons.

Our OpenCart Website Development Services include –

  • Installation and movement of the shopping cart.
  • Customized Shopping Cart.
  • Shopping cart design, redesign and upgrades.
  • Customized template design.
  • E-commerce site development and maintenance.
  • Application and Modules development.
  • Hire developer.
  • Themes development.

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We believe technology should be affordable and effective for all , hence we have set ourselves as pioneers in helping young Start-ups and SMEs.No more technological hurdles, we convert them to stepping stones.


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